One To One Gym Training

Once your One to One personal training session has been booked and you've completed you initial free consultation to assess your training needs and goals we will arrange on the locations for your training sessions.

Training sessions can take place just about any where you feel comfortable.

I have my own personal fully equipped gym for your comfort and convenience located in Hampton Hargate, Peterborough.

Once in my gym the training session will consist of a variety of exercises where I will be able demonstrate, monitor and access your progress along your road to a healthier, fitter you.

Each session will be planned in advance specifically for you and your individual requirements and will utilise all of my available equipment and may include resistance using my cable column or free weights, cardio using my punch bag or step box, intense legs using my glide system or even just you, me and a towel!!

Whatever the training plan for that session you can be sure that you will receive the best instruction and advice to perform each exercise safely and to give you the best results in the quickest time possible, all in privacy and comfort of my personal gym.

To book you One To One personal training sessions or just to find out more information then please contact me.






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