Boot Camp Pricing

All of my Boot Camp training sessions are based on my standard hourly rate of £34.50.

Below is a table of prices showing the discounts I offer for advance payment for Boot Camp training sessions.

Boot Camp sessions must be pre-booked in advance and will be intense, for example a six week Boot Camp might consist of three sessions per week, with each session being booked on alternate days to give time for muscle recovery in between sessions and one rest day per week. 'Homework' may also be given for those recovery days.

1hr Sessions
Total Price
Hourly Rate

*Saving based on standard rate of £34.50 per hour

To calculate the total cost of your Boot Camp simply multiply the amount of sessions per week by the length of the boot camp to give you total amount of hours. Then use the table above to see total value and savings.

For Boot Camp with a friend or Group Boot Camps then any additional friends will receive 50% off the above prices:

Two friends train three times a week for six weeks = total of 18hrs
£31.75 x 18 = £571.50 for friend number 1
£571.50 x 50% = £285.75 for friend number 2
Total for both friends = £ 857.25 or £428.63 each

To confirm total package price please contact me.

For advance payments we offer a refund service for sessions not taken should you be unable to use all of your credit, for full terms and conditions read more by clicking here.

All advanced payments will remain valid for a period of 6 months, after which we will review if the validity needs extending, please read our validity terms and conditions by clicking here.

Payments can be taken in cash, cheque or bank transfer.





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