One To One Training

To make the most dramatic difference to your lifestyle you need a One on One personal trainer!

Get the latest exercises and techniques from around the world to ensure that you reach your goals in the shortest time possible.

Whether your a beginner or more used to regular exercise and your goal is to lose weight, reduce stress, improve joint movement, live healthier or increase your energy levels then your Personal Trainer will be there to help, guide and motivate you every step of the way!

Get the top results in the shortest time
Shape Up, Drop That Weight, Fix That Problem, Increase Confidence, Improve Fitness, Monitor Progress, Get Motivation, Fun & Friendly,
Education, Technique, Specific Training

I will be with you through every step of your fitness journey and is available for a free consultation without obligation. Your free consultation will consist of a body, fitness and goal assessment. Followed by a brief introduction into the world of benefits available through One on One personal training.

Your training sessions can take place either in my personal gym, outside or in your home/workplace, wherever you feel most comfortable.

With a block booking of 10 sessions you will learn enough about your body and the effects of exercising correctly to achieve long term benefits to your lifestyle.

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Shape Up

The fastest way to shape up is with a One on One Personal Trainer, whether you want to build muscle, reduce your body fat, increase strength or stamina or tone up your physique your personal trainer will ensure you are focused in the right direction to help you achieve your goals faster.

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Drop That Weight

I will design your program to help you shed those pounds, whether your are trying fit to into that wedding dress or look fabulous on the beach this summer then I can target problem areas and give nutritional advice to aid even further weight loss and more importantly to help keep that weight off for good.

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Fix That Problem

Do you have an injury, or where injured in the past? Do you experience joint problems or constant cramps? If any of this sounds familiar to you it doesn't mean that you can't exercise, in fact its all the more reason to dust of those trainers and get fit. If you are suffering from any problems I can design your program and use gentle exercise to get you back to being fit again. Assisted stretching is also available for tight areas and will help with flexibility and mobility.

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Don't like working out in a gym in front of other members? With me you can work out in the privacy of my own private air conditioned Gym or in your own home in the knowledge you will be getting the best workout available today. As your confidence builds the sessions can be taken outside or into the gym environment to help improve your self confidence.

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Together we will evaluate and set your agreed and realistic goals. Your fitness program will be constantly updated as your fitness improves to ensure progression.

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I will monitor your progress throughout your training program. You will receive constant motivation, evaluation and advice throughout your session helping you to achieve your goals much faster and to ensure you are also seeing your own progress.

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Do you have problems motivating yourself to get out of the arm chair and get to the gym? I will come to you, whether it's at the office, at home or in the park. You will work out harder, be more specific and benefit more with me constantly motivating you.

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Fun & Friendly

No drill sergeants here! I am there to motivate you and not to shout at you. All of your sessions will be designed to give the maximum benefits but in a fun and friendly manner that both you and I will enjoy. Unless you respond to the drill sergeants manner of course!

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I will not just motivate and train you, I will give you lots of advice to further your fitness outside of the sessions including nutrition, selecting the correct exercises, advanced exercises and learning how your body works in each exercise to make the most out of each and every daily task you perform.

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I will demonstrate and ensure your technique is always correct to reduce the risk of injury and to maximize the effects of each exercise. I will also be ensuring as many muscles as possible are engaged resulting in improved posture and a leaner physique. Doing less and getting more, 5 perfectly performed lunges or squats are much more effective than 20 of either preformed incorrectly, or as some would say, getting more bang for your buck!

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Specific Training

If your are training to compete or just improve in a specific sport or event I can provide you with a exercise program designed to improve your performance for your specific sport. I may also join you on your specific sport or events to help your motivation on the way round.

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