Boot Camp For Groups

If you and some friends want boot camp training then why not train together. I offer discounts for you and up to 3 other friends to train together, see our pricing for Boot Camps.

Training with friends can be lots of fun and very motivating and naturally a certain element of competition can soon occur.

Each boot camp session will be planned to take into account the abilities of both you and your friends and designed to push you all to your training limits to give you the best results in the shortest time possible.

When embarking upon a Boot Camp training plan with friends please ensure you can all attend all of the sessions booked to make full advantage of the package and the discounts.

If you have only one friend who you would like to train with, please see my Boot Camp With A Friend package.

For further information about boot camp training with up to 4 friends then please contact me.

Boot Camp sessions must be pre-booked in advance and will be intense, for example a six week Boot Camp might consist of three sessions per week, with each session being booked on alternate days to give time for muscle recovery in between sessions and one rest day per week. 'Homework' may also be given for those recovery days.







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